RAF is currently developing a one-stop, comprehensive clearinghouse for rubberized asphalt research and documentation. As the library evolves, RAF will post waves of data to include white papers, specifications, research studies, industry news and legislation.

Please review the available information for an indication of what’s to come as RAF categorizes and posts a vast archive of data.

Now Accepting Submissions

RAF is now accepting submissions to the website that focus on various aspects of the science of rubberized asphalt.

For more information about how to submit documents to RAF’s online library, please contact:

Walaa Mogawer /

Submissions for consideration elsewhere on RAF’s website may be sent to:

George Way /

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Highway Sustainability Research Center ("HSRC") has compiled and maintains the information on in this website’s library and database function (the "Library"). The Rubberized Asphalt Foundation wishes to express its gratitude to HSRC for its continued excellent assistance with the compilation and maintenance of the materials in the Library.