Green Pavements Lisbon 2017


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Draft Agenda:  With the signing of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change at the United Nation’s 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21), it is now incumbent upon each industry to do the best they can to reduce the carbon footprint in their respective sectors. Construction and maintenance strategies for high, medium, and low volume roads can be adjusted and improved towards meeting that goal. Additionally, new and old paving strategies and materials must now be examined under this new light.   The cost-effective use of recycled crumb rubbers in mixes and pavements will be examined together with efforts from agencies and practitioners towards demonstrating that these products can indeed become a mainstream paving component.   The conference will feature agency representatives, practitioners, and researchers each sharing their experiences and views on how to build cost-effective pavements in such a manner so as to have a greener tomorrow.
Themes:   Green Construction and Sustainability Adaptation of Road Pavements to Climate Change Innovation in Construction and Maintenance Environment Considerations in Road Projects Evaluation to Ensure Quality of Life Standards for Climate Change Adaptation Adaption of Tire Recycling Strategies to Facilitate the Higher Crumb Rubber Demands to Face Climate Change Pavement Performance and Cost Effectiveness of “Green” Solutions Carbon Tax and Road Maintenance Strategies  
Organization Esteban Salinas (IRF) George Way (RAF) Jorge Sousa (Consulpav) Rossana Sousa (Consulpav) Miguel Angel Sanz Coll (Valoriza) Fernando Guijjaro (Composan)