Bogota, Columbia, Aug. 24th to Aug. 25th, 2016

Kamil Kaloush, George Way and Jorge Sousa, attended the IRF Conference in Bogota, Columbia. The Conference was held from August 24th through August 25th, 2016. Kamil, George and Jorge gave presentations on topics related to rubberized asphalt. Kamil gave a presentation “Framework for Pavement Sustainability”. George Way gave a presentation, “Pavement Design Considerations:

Sustainability and Asphalt Modified With Recycled Tire Rubber”. George gave a second presentation, “Construction, Testing and Evaluation of HMA Materials: Sustainability, Recycling, Rubberized Asphalt”. Jorge gave a presentation “The Future of Rubberized Pavements; Reacted and Activated Rubber”. The Conference was well attended with about 150 registrants. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of one or more of the power point presentations contact the authors at their email address shown below. For all the conference presentations, you can contact the IRF Conference representative Esteban Salinas at the following email address .
Kamil Kaloush
George Way
Jorge Sousa

George Way, Kamil Kaloush and Jorge Sousa, doing some sightseeing in the high mountains of Columbia (10,000 feet plus)