Asphalt Rubber: how to successfully overcoming the barriers towards greater sustainability

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October 23 , 2012


Ines Antunes; Daniele Fornai; Irene Bartolozzi


Asphalt Rubber Conference 2012 Munich


Noise reduction, higher safety, durability, shorter construction times, lower maintenance costs, reduced carbon footprint , higher cost benefit ratio, saves natural resources and it is an alternative to reconstruction:the list of benefits associated to Asphalt Rubber technology exceeds the highest level of performance requirements and it is also environmentally friendly. Not only words but a fifty years old history of successful use. It’s been twenty years since Mac Donald’s patent rights expired. Why isn’t Asphalt Rubber a worldwide success yet? Especially when we look at the current market situation for oil, not to mention the almost global financial crisis. What policy disclosure should adopt a promoter of this technology? This paper focus on the steps to follow to actually create an important slice of market for this technology in Italy, through a global strategy which strongly involves recycled rubber producers, scientific entities, local agencies and Asphalt Rubber producers. So that this “innovation” becomes a shared tradition.


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